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TCL Networking Session 2017 in Air Liquide in SMR

SINGAPORE - On 23 February 2017, Air Liquide SMR held the annual Networking Session for all our technical experts. The event graced by David LeBlanc, Managing Director of Air Liquide SMR and the General Managers of the different business lines, saw an afternoon of fruitful sharing and dialogues.

Launched in 2002, the Technical Community Leader (TCL) is an Air Liquide initiated corporate program that seeks to identify, develop, and recognize employees who wish to pursue an expertise in the various technical fields. Parallel with the management career path, the TCL programme enables Air Liquide to leverage on the vast experiences and technical skills of the Group.

The session opened with an address by Mr. LeBlanc and was followed by a sharing by guest speaker Thierry Schrimpf, Industrial Director for SEAPAC cluster, on the important role technical community leaders play in the success of Air Liquide business through their contribution in technology/innovation development and knowledge sharing. 

The rest of the dialogues in the remaining session centred around 2 main topics, “Ways in which TCL can contribute to the NEOs program” and “Opportunities for developing expertise”. This was followed by an award ceremony for the newly appointed and promoted TCLs in their respective fields across all the business lines.

The annual session, not only provided a platform for effective sharing and brainstorming, it also highlights the importance of the valuable experience and skills of TCLs in the journey to achieve Air Liquide’s ambition.

Congratulations to our newly appointed and promoted TCLs!

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