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“Save Our Children”: A new project in favour of education

INDONESIA - In 4th quarter 2015, Air Liquide Indonesia organized a social responsibility project called "Save Our Children, Strengthen Our Future."

Air Liquide employees visited Yayasan Sanggar Anak Akar, a boarding school for homeless children in the city of Jakarta and met more than 25 students.

A donation was made by Air Liquide Indonesia to revamp the school building and to purchase equipment to support the school’s mission of providing high quality education and preparing the students who are taking the national examinations.

Mr Francois Legroux, country head of Air Liquide Indonesia, emphasized on the importance of education, "You are all assets of Indonesia. Never give up your goals or become discouraged in your studies."

In 2016, Air Liquide Indonesia will also launch an educational program and employees can serve as volunteer teachers and offer their assistance to boarding schools in remote areas.

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