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We are committed to continual improvements in the area of health, safety & environment. Our goal is zero accident in safety and zero incidences of environmental non-compliance.

Our Management

Recognizes our responsibility for providing a safe workplace

  • Recognizes our responsibility for providing a safe workplace and the protection of the health and safety of employees, contractors, visitors and the communities in which we operate and live in.
  • Is committed to rigorous enforcement of the Life Saving Rules as well as maintaining compliance with applicable health, safety and environmental regulatory requirements.
  • Will commit resources to promote pollution prevention, minimization of waste and conservation of energy and other critical resources.
  • Pledges to operate according to the local Industry Council's guiding principles of Responsible Care.
  • Places the highest priority of health and safety so that no job that we do is so important that we will knowingly put the health and safety of our employees, contractors, visitors, or the environment at risk.
  • Consultation with employees and/or worker representatives to encourage participation in identifying Health, Safety and Environmental risk and opportunities relating to operations.

Our Employees and Contractors are expected to:

Stop any job that puts themselves, colleagues or the environment at risk

  • Stop any job that puts themselves, colleagues or the environment at risk and report any non-compliance issue to their manager.
  • Share this commitment to health, safety and environmental excellence.
  • Conduct Risk Assessment in everything they do to assure that they recognize potential hazards, take appropriate steps to control or eliminate those hazards, and are ready for the unexpected.
  • Comply to the Life Saving Rules.
  • Fulfill their obligation to Responsible Care by complying with Air Liquide's health, safety and environmental policies.

In the event that the unexpected does happen, we will conduct a thorough analysis to make sure that the root causes are identified and that appropriate steps are taken to prevent a recurrence. This will include taking systematic actions to address engineering, organizational, as well as human factors.

We will focus on both long-term and immediate success. We realize that when it comes to health, safety and environment, one momentary lapse can lead to severe detrimental consequences. We will not rest in our commitment to our employees, our neighbors, or the environment.

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