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Re-launch of EXELTOP in Air Liquide Singapore

SINGAPORE - May 2, 2017 marks the commercial re-launch of EXELTOPTM for the Industrial Merchant Packaged Gas team of Air Liquide Singapore. EXELTOPTM is a premium brand of cylinder valve that will elevate Air Liquide's position in the compressed gas business by providing a differentiation factor to meet the evolving needs of our customers. 

EXELTOPTM is an innovative product that boosts benefits to end-users such as improved Safety, Ease-of-use and Performance. Each feature of the EXELTOPTM is designed to enhance customer experience. Take for instance the built-in pressure regulator encapsulated within a protective cap - this provides savings in both time for regulator hook ups and regulator purchase while providing increased safety in case of cylinder toppling.  

Other enhanced features include a quick connect system, on/off lever, content gauge and a graduated handwheel.

Mr. Alvin Tan, Sales Engineer of TRUMPF (one of the world's leading manufacturers in laser technologies) said, “It is easy to operate the EXELTOPTM with the quick connect system which has proven that the setting up and changing out of the cylinders can be done at ease, without any tools. The team for EXELTOPTM has also demonstrated excellent service support. We would definitely recommend the EXELTOPTM to our other industrial contacts.”

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