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Philippines: Nitrogen comes to life at the Mind Museum

PHILIPPINES - Air Liquide in Philippines is promoting science to school children by sponsoring the “Frozen Science” show at the country’s Mind Museum, in the city of Taguig. The show used science experiments to educate museum visitors, mostly children aged 7 to 12, about the properties of liquid nitrogen.

In one experiment, balloons full of air were placed in a steel bowl with liquid nitrogen for a few minutes to show how the volume of the air inside a balloon decreased in cold temperatures.

Alexandra Limcaco, responsible for Community Relations at the Mind Museum, mentioned that the show was a success, thanks to Air Liquide’s support. "The show is a favorite among both adults and children. Guests always went home fascinated ".

The Mind Museum is the Philippines’ first world-class science museum. Developed with the Bonifacio Art Foundation, it brings science to life through more than 250 interactive exhibits and science shows.

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