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An employee from ALSg recognized for his public spiritedness act

One of our employees, Mr Noralimin Mawi was recognized by the Singapore Police Force for preventing a lamp post from collapsing at an open carpark in Outram Road on 12th December 2020. He was awarded the Public Spiritedness Award, together with 12 other individuals who assisted in the rescue effort. They spent 1 ½ hours supporting the 10 to15 metres lamp post to prevent it from collapsing, which could have injured people or damage properties in its vicinity.

Noralimin said, “I realised that the lamppost was moving when I wanted to take a picture under it. Initially I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me then I asked my wife and two friends who were with me. That was when we realised that the lamp post was about to fall. Our immediate reaction was to hold on to it as at that time, the car park was full and the consequences would be unimaginable if it fell. Thankfully we had help from the police and other members of the public, who selflessly joined in the rescue effort.

Receiving this award was unexpected as I was just doing my part as a citizen to help. I do feel honoured to receive it and hope that this will inspire others to step forward and help whenever the situation arises. I believe in this, “Strong people stand up for themselves but stronger people stand up for others” and I dedicate this to the men and women who assisted in the lamp post incident.”

Congratulations to Noralimin for receiving this public spiritedness award! 

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Assistant Commissioner of Police Gregory Tan Siew Hin, commander of Central Police Division, (right) presenting the Public Spiritedness Award to Noralimin Mawi (left).
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