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Oil and Gas
Select a step where Air Liquide intervenes in your value chain.

Coiled tubing

The most popular use for coiled tubing is circulation or deliquefication. When a hydrostatic head inhibits the flow of formation fluids due to its weight, the well is referred to as "killed." The safest solution is to use nitrogen to circulate fluid out of the well. Circulating may also be used to clean out light debris that has accumulated in a well hole.



We can produce nitrogen at your well site with our flexible and modular FLOXAL™ supply systems. Our FLOXAL™  on-site nitrogen generators are designed to help ensure safety, reliability and cost efficiency.



Why choose us?

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    Turnkey solutions

    Our complete offer includes industrial and specialty gases as well as production technologies and on-site storage solutions for industrial gases.

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    Leader in safety & compliance

    Safety is our core value. We are committed to developing and supplying solutions that help improve process safety and protect the environment.

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    Robust supply network

    Our supply network in SMR includes more than 200 kilometers of pipeline and backed by liquid storage tanks and standby plants.

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    Industry expertise

    Air Liquide has developed its expertise for over 100 years. Our dedicated R&D teams work to proactively meet the current and future challenges of the oil and gas industry, innovating constantly to meet the evolving needs of the industry.