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Breaking New Ground in Singapore’s Digital Healthcare

Tuesday, March 12, 2019 - Customer Experience

It is no secret that Air Liquide has prioritised investments in digital infrastructure for the various business lines given our quest to transform ourselves into a digitally-ready organization. Air Liquide’s commitment to digitalizing the way we work speaks volumes of our understanding about how acutely innovation underpins growth. We also believe that the ecosystem to nurture and accelerate growth is just as important. Touted as Southeast Asia’s gateway to Digital Healthcare, Singapore, with its advanced IT infrastructure provides just the right confluence of factors to support development at the cutting-edge.

Air Liquide, a long-time partner of Singapore, has been her reliable and trusted supplier of medical oxygen for almost a century. Our motto to be steadfast in protecting lives and enhancing the quality of life constantly pushes us to invent and develop solutions for healthcare institutions there. Working in partnership with the healthcare industry players in Singapore, Air Liquide has rolled out new tools that places a greater emphasis and focus on two fronts - reducing waste and driving efficiency in the healthcare sector.  

TAKEO™: Digital Integrated Oxygen Cylinder - Taking Oxygen Administration to the Next Level.

Air Liquide’s latest innovation in oxygen administration is TAKEO™, a modern day digital integrated oxygen cylinder that allows healthcare professionals to accurately ascertain gas quantity.

Healthcare institutions struggled for years with the accurate reading of levels of oxygen quantity in cylinders. Without such vital information, healthcare professionals would have to contend with the logistics of always keeping spare cylinders on-hand as lives are at stake and due to this, cost would invariably rise. The conundrum of raising quality of care yet lowering cost and the inefficient usage of resources was one that Air Liquide knew it had to overcome.

In 2016, Air Liquide launched one of the world’s first digital integrated cylinders in Singapore. TAKEO™ is a major innovation in the medical oxygen field that was much welcomed by hospital staff, particularly in emergency rooms and ambulances. This new generation cylinder features a patented digital gauge, known as the Time-Intelligent Pressure Indicator (TIPI).

TIPI reveals critical information required by medical staff on a fully automated display screen - the volume of gas remaining at various flow rates during oxygen administration. The digital gauge is also fitted with visual and audible warning alerts that sound when critical levels are reached, promoting greater patient safety, preserving resources and increasing cost efficiency.

Within the first year of the launch of TAKEO™, Air Liquide’s creation had convinced one of the hospitals in Singapore to adopt this innovative solution.

“We are pleased with TAKEO‘s intuitive features….a very good follow up on the digital integrated oxygen cylinders…. enhanced the delivery of portable oxygen therapy to patients.”
Doctor’s Portal: Digital Transformation of Clinical Efficiency

In Singapore, home healthcare treatments are also on the rise. VitalAire, the home healthcare arm of Air Liquide, has been providing service and support for sleep apnea treatment and home oxygen therapy since 2008.

Providing timely and secure clinical updates of their patients to medical professionals has been one the the key challenges for VitalAire. Traditionally, many of such reports are printed and handed to patients for safe-keeping that they will produce for the next doctor’s appointment. However, loss of such reports are commonplace and requests for VitalAire to reprint them proved an archaic and inefficient process.

To address this administrative inefficacy, Air Liquide sought to tackle the root of the problem - the need to digitalise information flow between VitalAire, medical professionals and patients. The Doctor’s Portal, a one-stop and secure online gateway, was then conceived. The Portal, endowed with a secure network system to heighten the security of the system for its users, allows the upload and storage of all patients’ compliance reports and data. With unique usernames and passwords, doctors can securely access their patients’ records online while simultaneously protecting patients’ privacy.

Doctors welcomed the idea of digitising the records of their patients as the effort not only enhances efficiency and is environmentally-friendly, it is also integrates well with the health ministry’s state-wide endeavour towards a holistic Electronic Health Records System.

Addressing Tomorrow’s Problems Today with the Use of Digital in Healthcare

With strong emphasis on driving efficiency and reducing waste in the healthcare sector, innovations such as TAKEO™ and Doctor’s Portal have proven themselves to be effective solutions that meet the demands of today’s healthcare industry.

Air Liquide has once again shown that it listens, it innovates, it delivers.



"Breaking New Ground in Singapore’s Digital Healthcare " is contributed by Serene Tan.

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