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Tank Inerting

Oxidative reactions may occur in holding or blending tanks, or during tranfer when the empty headspace around a product is contaminated with oxygen.

Tank inerting consists of blanketing the surface of the headspace above the liquid in a tank with a protective layer of inert gas during storage or emptying of the tank, in order to prevent oxidative reactions. It is a two-step process: purging of the tank followed by its inerting.

Our Stabigaz regulators are suitable for maintaining a very low pressure atmosphere in a container or tank. It is especially suited for containers or tanks which are subjected to volume variations due to product transfer and temperature/pressure changes from large instantaneous flow rates. The Stabigaz regulator is installed onto a tank and will monitor the tank pressure via pneumatic signal. When the tank's contents are taken out, the Stabigaz regulator will release nitrogen into the tank correspondingly, so as to restore its pressure.





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