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Setting the benchmark with AWS 5.32M and ISO 14175

In its continued commitment to maintain the highest standards of safety and quality, Air Liquide Singapore is proud to announce that our Shielding Gas Facilities at J1 Cylinder Testing & Filling Centre and J3 Special Gases Centre are compliant with American Welding Society (AWS) Standards, AWS 5.32M and International Organization Standards (ISO), ISO 14175. Both standards are internationally recognized quality standard for gases and mixtures used in welding and other related metal fabrication applications. They are used to classify and designate the gases used in these applications based on their chemical properties and the production processes and equipment used in the manufacturing process.

The following factors - Process, Equipment and People, have enabled us to comply with the criteria set out in both standards. With stringent control measures in place such as production processes and standard operating procedures that adhere to the Group’s standards, issues of contamination and quality are eliminated. In addition, only internally-approved and certified equipment are being used to ensure quality is not compromised. Our people are also trained and qualified according to the Group’s standards to carry out tests on the products to ensure that they fit the required specifications. 

Being certified with AWS A5.32M and ISO 14175 demonstrates our commitment to provide high-quality and reliable welding gases that meet industry standards, where weld quality, compliance and reliability are of utmost importance in industries such as offshore and marine. This differentiates us from our competitors in terms of quality and safety of the shielding gases and mixtures that are used in the industry. 

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