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Fuel tank inerting

Air Liquide is the leader in the field of aircraft fuel tank inerting via membrane based OBIGGS (On Board Inert Gas Generator System). OBIGGS systems prevent ignition of fuel tank vapors by providing inert gas generated on board the aircraft. The technology generates nitrogen enriched air to blanket the aircraft fuel tank and displace the flammable fuel/air mixture. Vulnerability to lightning, static discharge, or enemy fire for military aircraft, is greatly reduced by OBIGGS.




Why choose us?

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    High quality gas solutions

    Our gases are compatible with new lightweight composite materials used in the fabrication of components and the upkeep of aircraft.

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    Our gas solutions are reliable, reproducible and in compliance with stringent and ever-evolving regulations.

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    World-class expertise

    As a global company with an international network of experts that specialize in heat treatment, welding and curing, we are ready to support your development and innovation.

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    Sustainable solutions

    We are deeply committed to sustainable development. Our solutions for the aviation industry have been developed with the environment and regulatory compliance at top of mind.