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N2 Membrane Solutions for Inerting in Australia

AUSTRALIA - Air Liquide Australia has continued its long history of success in its Floxal on-site business with membrane based nitrogen generators with the recent commissioning of 2 new units, each producing 76 TPD @ 97% purity.

Nitrogen membranes were sourced from Air Liquide’s Medal factory in the USA and assembled with locally-sourced components by Air Liquide Australia personnel in the Brisbane facility.

The nitrogen will be used for inerting underground coal seams to prevent explosions in areas where mining has been completed. The two new units add to the existing 400 TPD in service across numerous mines. The skid based systems are relocatable, highly reliable and are an ideal solution for remote sites where no liquid supply is feasible. This solution is an example of the importance of Innovation and understanding the customer’s needs, which have been instrumental in enabling Air Liquide to be the clear supplier of choice, with 90% of the business in this market.

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