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Air Liquide Singapore inaugurates its Micron Fab 10X Gas Yard

Air Liquide Singapore held an Opening Ceremony of state-of-the-art “mega-yard” Fab 10X reinforcing its partnership with long-time customer.

The event was graced by the presence of key management personnels from Micron Semiconductor Asia Singapore Wafer Fab, Air Liquide SEA Cluster and Air Liquide SMR, including Chen Kok Sing (Managing Director & Country Manager, Micron Semiconductor Asia Singapore Wafer Fab),  Ng Boon Hai (Vice-President, Air Liquide SEA Cluster) & David LeBlanc (Managing Director, Air Liquide SMR).

The newly minted state-of-the art “mega-yard” is the biggest industrial gas plant ever built in the electronics sector in Singapore. This successful project delivery led to the recent signature of the second expansion phase for 10X Fab contract. The expanded Fab 10X is poised to serve Micron well for her future expansion and ramp-ups as the largest industrial gas plant in the electronics sector in Singapore and the biggest installation yet for Air Liquide across the SEA region.

These successful signatures reflect the strength of the Group’s long-term partnership with Micron and Air Liquide’s capacity to deliver on innovative state-of-the-art large scale projects within a short time frame. Chen Kok Sing, Managing Director & Country Manager, Micron Semiconductor Asia Singapore Wafer Fab, elaborated in his speech at the opening ceremony “Air Liquide is a long standing and trusted supplier with more than 35 years relationship with Micron… (the) F10N/X, F10W and MSB Gas plants were built and operated by Air Liquide. We believe that this new state-of-the-art integrated plant will be key in our company’s future development. I look forward to more good years of productive partnership.” 

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