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Our Capabilities

Air Liquide aims to deliver innovative gas solutions and technologies to a wide range of customers, driving their performance and helping them reduce their environmental impact. No matter where, we make sure our solutions are safe, reliable, cost-effective and sustainable.

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Our Production Facilities

Industrial gas production and distribution has remained at the core of Air Liquide’s business since its founding in 1902. In Singapore and Riau Islands, our robust production and distribution networks are engineered to serve the needs of our diverse customer base. Air Liquide owns and operates:

  • 6 air separation units, which are all integrated through more than 200km of pipelines, produce a total capacity of 4,200 tons/day, ensuring reliability and stability for our customers.
  • A world-scale 100,000 nm3/h hydrogen production plant and 3 high purity hydrogen plants in Singapore, with a total capacity of 1,500 nm3/h
  • Nitrous oxide plant with a total capacity of 700 tons per year of medical and ultra high purity grade of nitrous oxide
  • Cylinder filling & testing centre and specialty gas centre, which fill and test industrial gases, high purity gases, research grade gases, gas mixtures, and calibration gas standards, including the production of ultra pure helium and diving gases that are of high accuracy and repeatability.
  • ISO 9001-certified clean room filling facility, Electronics Specialty Materials Centre, produces and fills high purity Electronic Specialty Gases and mixtures in ppm level with an annual production capacity of 40,000 cylinders. 
  • Cleanroom fabrication centre manufactures the equipment used in the Electronics Industry including gas cabinets, valve manifolds, and gas detection systems. It also supplies equipment all over South East Asia.
Our local specialists will be onsite to provide technical support, value-added analysis and process audits to help optimize your operations.

Our Engineering Capabilities

Besides supplying gases, our Engineering Projects and Solutions Division has the expertise to solve the entire spectrum of industrial gas requirements and problems.

We develop and optimize to meet with customer specifications from the source to the point of use, ensuring the correct purity and quality of gas is consistently delivered to our customer.

We design and install the bulk gas supply systemelectronics gas system and medical gas distribution system for the various industries. In addition to installation and start-up, we also provide maintenance and periodic performance assessments to ensure optimal safety and productivity.

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